Pictures don’t always tell a 1000 words

Picture of Allen sisters

Allen Girls, about 1910

For this photo, Grandmother Allen (Rosa Caudle Allen) took little Virginia and Margie to Troy.  It may be hard to tell from the photo, but this was no simple feat.  She had to get them up early and get a ride to the train station in Norwood (a couple miles away).   Then, they took the train from Norwood to Troy, a distance of about 15-18 miles as the crow flies.   It was coal powered, so they wore their old clothes for the trip.  Once they were in Troy, Grandmother picked up their new dresses and got them all gussied up.  The pair was finally ready for their picture!  After the picture, it was time to undo everything!  They changed back into their old clothes and carefully packed up the new dresses.  They rode the train back to Norwood and an uncle was there to pick them up.  What a long day!  But also, what a beautiful picture.

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