Stupid Toe

So week before last, right after returning from my half marathon, I stubbed my toe. I took a week off thinking I was giving it enough time to heal. I mean, it was a stubbed toe. Yes, a bad one, but I was fairly sure it wasn’t broken.

So last week I ran twice and did Zumba twice. By Sunday morning, I couldn’t get a shoe on my foot. I wore slippers to church. emoticon Yesterday I made a trip to the doctor. The prognosis…a sprained toe.

Who sprains their toe? Their pinky toe! What does this mean? I need to go easy for a few days to a few weeks. Kinda vague huh? All low impact. No running. So that screws up my running training schedule with my buddy. He said I could use the stationary bike and after some time walk on the treadmill. No elliptical, no impact in zumba.

I got up to go spinning this morning, but still no shoe will go on that foot. So, I’m waiting another day.

/sigh Yes, I’m bummed. Very bummed. I wanted to be back to where I could run an entire 5k at my new speedy pace (lol, it’s not fast by any one else’s standards!). That won’t be happening this month….or likely the next.

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