Playing Catchup

I dreamt about my mom Sunday night. It’s the first time I have. Well, it’s the first time I have and remembered it. I remember her hugging me and me telling her how much I missed her. She was dead, but for some reason had come back. I had just finished my run on Monday when I remembered it. It was quite an emotional moment. I can’t figure out why I dreamt about her, but it was soothing, at least during the dream.

I did manage to run 4 terrible, horrible, mean, nasty miles on Monday morning. I had planned to do between 6 and 8, but 4 was all I managed before I gave up. This wouldn’t bother me so much if it weren’t for the fact that since my 7 mile run 3? weeks ago, every single run I’ve tried has been bad. I don’t know what’s up. So, I’m reallllly worried about the half marathon right now.

We had a bit of snow last Thursday night. All I could think was that I wanted to run in it. Of course, it was mixed with ice, so no running for me. Besides, a good part of it was gone by Friday morning. We’re expecting ice on Friday. Yay… :/

We started a Zumba class at church. It’s dvd led right now, and started last night. Hopefully that will get going and we can really minister as well as be more fit.

Hmm…that’s all for now. I think.

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