Confidence is a Squirrely Thing

This is from the end of January. Just trying to catch up the posts I never put up.

Confidence is a squirrelly thing. My husband was surprised, he says. Why? When I came in from my run on Sunday, I was pleased. It felt good. It was the first time a run had felt good in 3 weeks. Now, granted, my runs are intervals of running and walking. But still. Sunday’s run felt great. All 5.5 miles of it. The hubs said he didn’t understand it.

He sees me as a super-confident person. He said I was like my mama in that manner. Mama wasn’t either. But she did carry herself well. I don’t think I carry myself like she does. I surely feel like I question myself more than she ever did. But, I’m not in her head. And obviously, no matter how well we get along, and how well he thinks he knows me, he’s not in mine!

He said he was surprised, but after we talked about it, he understands

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