I’m usually not too sensitive of a person. But, over the last few years, I have found that some things really, really bother me.

This week I’ve been dealing with a looming yearbook deadline. There were two of us ‘advisor’s’ last year, and there’s three this year. I’ve found that I cannot deal with creating a page and having someone go behind me and make changes to it. These changes can be as minor as moving a picture, adding a border, etc. I can deal with it if we can talk about it…I think. But I absolutely cannot deal with it otherwise.

So, because of this, I’m stepping back from yearbook. It’s something I absolutely love. Until we get down to deadlines and someone comes behind me and changes what I’ve done.

I hold no anger, animosity, etc. They think they’re helping, I’m sure. But every detail is my choice. Every placement is done for a reason. To have someone just flippantly toss my work around drives me nuts.

I’m sure it’s my problem. But life is too short to sweat the small stuff. I’ve upset the other two folks greatly, but I cannot continue with this pattern. I have to step back, and let them own it. If I own it, I own the creations. If I own the creations, I cannot handle it being changed behind my back.

This is bittersweet. It’s refreshing to just simply say, do what you like. But on the other hand, I’m already missing being passionate about the yearbook and trying to make something I’m proud of. I can’t have it both ways, though. And for my happiness and mental well-being, it must be this way.

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