Nope, that’s not a word….


All that has been on my mind the last few days is just how much I’ve been wanting to snack lately. I thought it was because of Christmas and all the food in the house, but now that all of that is gone, I see that it’s just me wanting to snack. I’m not much of a snacker. Never have been. Once ever 3-4 weeks I’d be snacky, but the rest of the time I could do without. I’m wondering if it’s because I’ve stopped smoking. Hopefully with better tracking again, I’ll cut it out. I have been slack on tracking lately.

I stopped smoking about two months ago. I haven’t gained any weight, but I haven’t lost any in the last two months either. Unless you count the water retention problem I had over the holidays. The day after Christmas, I was up 10 pounds (this gain came over a period of about 3-4 days). Two days later, that 10 pounds was gone! That’s a substantial amount of water my body was holding.

So, my goal this week is to get a handle on this snacking problem that has presented itself over the last month or so.

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