A MeMe

My first ever.


A – Available or Married: Married

B – Book: Mystery/thrillers, historic romance

C – Cake or Pie? Pie…I think >.>

D – Drink of Choice: Tea (now. Used to be coca-cola)

E – Essential Item: Kindle!

F – Favorite Color: No real favorite color. I like lots!

G – Game to Play or Watch: High School Football –watching that is!

H – Hometown: Troy, NC

I – Indulgence: dark chocolate & chips & dip

J – Job: Teacher

K – Kids and Names: No kids

L – Life is incomplete without: Music and reliable internet

M – Music Group or Singer: Of all time…Pink Floyd. Right now…Avett Brothers & Mumford and Sons

N – Number of Siblings: 0. Yep. Only child

O – Oranges or Apples? Both!

P – Phobias/ Fears – Spiders. Serious phobia. Also…fear of falling.

Q – Favorite Quote: I don’t really have one.

R – Reason to smile: I’m alive, healthy, and happy.

S – Season: All of them! I love them all!

T – Tattoos: One. On my hip.

U – Unknown fact about me? Um…I’m a gamer.

V – Vegetable you love: So many to list. Okra is my favorite!

W – Worst habit: I think smoking still counts, even though I haven’t smoked in 2 months. Not ready to say I’m a quitter because I didn’t quit. I just sorta stopped!

X – X-rays? Ankles, back, fingers, wrists, Did I say ankles? O.o

Y – Your favorite food: fried okra

Z – Zodiac? Gemini!

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