I said if I could make it

to Wednesday, all would be well. Welp, the weight on my shoulders is lifting already. Daddy’s family Christmas is tonight. We’ve done all we could do to get ready for it. Daddy’s house is mostly clean. I don’t think it would be up to mama’s standards, but with getting the floors done, it will have to do. Maybe one of these Christmas’s it will be decorated up to her standards. 🙂 But, this year, it will do. So, no more worrying!

Our staff party is tomorrow. Have some of the food cooked, will finish that and the chickens for our church fellowship dinner (on Thursday) wil be cooked tonight. That way when I get home on Wednesday, I can debone and deliver!

The school Christmas Program is tomorrow. I’m looking forward to that. The kids really do love it!

Friday morning at the awful time of 6am is the doomsday run! The logo for the shirts is great!

I think…I’ve rambled enough. Fare well for today!

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