One Year Ago This Week

So…one year ago, as this week began, I’d been a member of a gym for oh..just less than a month. I’d been 2-3 times each week. When this week started, I was on Christmas break and I got up, rode with my dad each day. This is the beginning of my realization that yes, I wanted to be healthier. Yes, I wanted to feel better. It all began with moving more, being more fit. Being stronger!

Since last year, I’ve come so far with my physical activity. I no longer am out of breath when I hurry down the hall and crawl in to bed. I’ve found I love the rush you feel after working out. When I exercise in the morning, my days go sooo much better. Why? Because I feel better.

I can run! I can run a mile. I’ve wogged in several 5ks. I’ve registered for a half freakin’ marathon.

I am active. I am strong. I am healthier. I am.

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