I have been so totally ill over the last few days. Short-tempered, I suppose I should say. At any rate, I have no idea why. Perhaps part of it is that I’m super tired and I haven’t been able to get myself up to go to the gym all week. It sucks. And when I can’t get home until at least 7…my night’s are just ruined. Blargh! Thankfully, basketball season does not run over Christmas break and there’s only two weeks after we return. I can’t wait for it to be over!

Today has definitely been a tea and chocolate kind of day. Had I had chocolate, I could have gone with a mini or one – two dove squares. Instead, I had none and ate the whole packet of m&ms. I did really enjoy them. And I’m not going to feel bad about eating them!

We have a game tonight. Hopefully we can play a bit better and give them some competition!

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