Good days…gotta love summer

Summer is whizzing by me and I don’t have near the things I’d planned to do done. Things just keep coming up to keep me from it.

My goals….

For July —
*Work out 6 days per week.
*Keep up my streak of at least 10 minutes of fitness every day.
*Continue drinking water >100 ounces per day (up from 80)
*Keep my prayer journal up to date.
*Weigh and record weight daily (as soon as my scales come in)
*Keep the house up
*Added: Keep up with weekly goals.

A great day so far. Up at the butt crack of dawn digging potatoes. 35 or so buckets. This afternoon friends are coming for a swim and dinner. Yum! We haven’t seen our Godchildren since the new year. It’s been far too long. Tomorrow…I relax!

Oh yes…How did I do in June? Let’s see!

Well…I screwed up my weekly goals. I need to get back to that. Let’s add that to July!

The last goals I had posted were from June 3-9…

1. Gym >4 times per week. Gonna be tough this week! Done–6 times per week for that week and the rest of June!
2. Keep my prayer journal up to date. Not so good. Occasional at best.
3. Water water water! To the tune of >80 ounces per day. Yep! Got it done. And more, I think.
4. Get my house clean-er. Totally have that!
5. Track and measure everything. Everything! Even the four fun twix i had today. >.>
>90% of the time I did it. It was hard while we were in the mountains. 😦

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