There’s been better

Birthdays. Actually, I shouldn’t say that. With a trip to the ER yesterday, one which I did not want to take, I’m doing pretty well. Evidently I had a little cyst burst or something. the pain was out of this world and my principal made me go to the ER. By the time we got there, I was feeling okay, but then hubs made me stay and get checked out. Over all I’m glad I did, but ugh!

I’ve been in this being healthier mode for six months. I look forward to how I feel for the next birthday, the big one. Well…one of the big ones. This one, is small, and considering all I went through yesterday, I do feel good. Outside of the sickness, I am in tons better shape than I was on my last birthday. I’m better emotionally and physically. I am one happy camper. Moving does wonders for the body. Now to remember this!

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