When do people notice?

For me, when I hit 25-30 pounds lost and (more telling?) ~25-30 inches lost. Nearly every day now someone comments. Most say you’ve lost a lot of weight. Only twice have I been asked how much. So, does that answer the much asked question?

The question remains, is that when they first notice? Or when they let you know they’ve noticed? I think it’s the latter. If they pay attention, they’ve probably thought, huh…that person has lost weight. But don’t share it until they know that person has lost weight.

I’m still not happy with pictures taken of me, but when I compare to older ones, wow, what a difference! I wish I weren’t too scared to share them here. How do you ladies do it? Why can’t I just put myself out there? It would certainly make me even more accountable.

I’ve been sleepy these past three days. I may have lost sleep over the weekend, but Sunday – Tuesday nights, I got 8-10 hours sleep each. That’s well in excess for me so it’s strange for me to be so sleepy during the day. I need to investigate!

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