I’m Wordy!

but it’s not enough?

There are different colloquiums and sayings that people say/do/etc without much thought. But, I wonder…should we take more thought. More specifically, should I take more thought? This blog is most specifically about my journey to be a healthier me. Sure, there will be tidbits here and there in regards to the rest of my life, but generally it’s about how I’m feeling, what I’m doing, etc.

I’m a little fretted that my general disposition doesn’t come through in this blog. I am a happy and thankful person. I get fretted over small things here and there (like this), but in general, I just keep the faith.

There are Fridays that I am praising the Lord that he got me through the week and it’s Friday. Why? Because I can relax and slow down and enjoy the wonderful things that have been provided. Am I wrong? Perhaps. But just because I’m thankful for a day to get here now and then doesn’t mean I don’t try to stop and smell the roses and bask in God’s creation every day. An excuse to celebrate? Eh. What day isn’t? I’m on the right side of the grass. Isn’t that reason alone?

Perhaps my thoughts don’t always get conveyed quite how they should. But I surely hope that it’s clear I am thankful for each and every day. But the rough ones? You can surely bet I’m even more thankful that they’re over. I hope there’s nothing wrong with that!

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