Glompity glomp

Running/walking this morning went so-so. I tried to increase the incline on the treadmill, and my shins ached and burned. Not sure why. I could barely get out the minute instead of the 90 seconds. I don’t want shin splints. Not sure why that happened this morning, unless it was the incline.

So, hubs and I spent some time last night looking at pictures from last June. I’m pretty sure I gained weight after the trip. There’s a pretty big difference. He remarked that he hadn’t realized what a difference there was, and that what he saw was pretty amazing. He also said that if I didn’t dress like a boy, he thought I’d have liked the pictures that were taken on Friday. There’s little I can do about wardrobe now. I refuse to buy clothes that will do me for the last month of school. Sure, if my clothes were falling off me, I would have to do something. But they all stay up, either on their own, or with a belt. I’m thinking that a lot of my summer clothes were too snug last year, anyway. So, they’re not going to be so bad. Maybe I need to try on some more winter pants…..

Why, oh why, do I fret so much over losing weight when that is not my goal? I suppose it is now. I just want to be healthy & fit. And I can’t see myself as healthy & fit at this weight.

Blargh, enough of this rambling. It seems I say the same things over and over. I shall work on that.”

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