I get like this every so often, then I’ll get a big NSV moment and feel better. Just hoping the NSV moment comes soon.

I was feeling pretty good about myself until I saw some pictures taken of me yesterday. Yuck. I thought I looked a lot better than that! Maybe it was the clothes. The too big shirt, the slightly too big shorts. But just ugh. Hubs asked if I needed to go and look at some pictures from our trip last year. I’m going to try it, but I’m not sure I’ll see a difference.

Then today, my weight is still up a bit from Tuesday. And, I cleaned out my closets. I hadn’t put up my winter clothes yet. So, that was the task for the day. In doing that, I found some summer things I’d forgotten about. I so hoped they were too big. But no…they still fit. They felt big in the butt and legs, but hubs said they were just fine.

I really want a pair of pants to just fall off of me. Maybe these things were tight last year. Or the year before. Who knows. I don’t feel like I’m losing enough of my belly to progress. I do feel really bloated. Probably from the icky food I’ve eaten today (stayed within range).


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