TGIF! This has been a long week, but it’s over now. A great day outside with the kids for our Spirit day fun. We’ll see what next Friday holds.

Wait..I won’t. I’ll be taking my grandpa up to see my cousin’s graduation. Good times. Granny’s two ‘girls’ will be staying with her. Hopefully this won’t stress papa out too much.

So far as my weekly goals…
Gym x 3
Boot camp x 2
I plan on going to the gym in the morning as well.
My water, for some reason, I’ve dropped down on. I’ve had some tea during the day, but drinking it a lot slower than I usually drink water. So I’ve got to work on that a bit. Still getting my minimum amount, but not enough…not as much as I’m used to.
My weight looked really good on Tuesday, but I’m up 3 pounds now. Not stressing, it usually goes up and down. Uuuup and down.

I didn’t feel so well this week. A lot of is is skipping dinner. A bit more is the heat. Even more is the cut in water.

Goals for next week.
Gym x 4-5
Bootcamp x 1
Water.. >80 oz per day
Walk/Jog a 5k
Cleaning out my old clothes. I’m ready. So very ready.

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