Two for two

Well, I’m two for two this week. Had a great work out both mornings. Spent the day yesterday doing some cleaning, of the spring sort. 🙂 Now to see what the dog has torn out/chewed up before we get home.

Today begins Field Days. Praying the rain and heat will hold off. Field days just aren’t field days when their inside!

I grabbed a pair of shorts and realized when I put them on at the gym that they’re waaaay too big. I actually used a string as a belt. I guess I’m going to have to be more careful. The downside is, I only have two pairs of decent shorts. The others were already getting too big. What to do…what to do. Blargh! The downside, huh?

Edit: And yes, I totally flaked on the 8k. I was too stressed, to unprepared. We went to a get together instead. Do I regret it, not really. I was not ready. I’ll just do it next year.

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