I am sooo hungry today. I know why. I’ve eaten well…not enough for several days. I just haven’t been hungry. Sunday I didn’t eat much at all. No dinner two nights in a row. So today, I am ravenous. I had my shake this am, it usually does me until lunch. Nope, I’ve already had some yogurt, and would loooove something else right now. I’m trying to wait 20 more minutes until lunch. We’ll see how long lunch lasts.

In good news, I had my lipid panel yesterday. Anyone who participated in the biggest loser got a free one.

I was very pleased with the results. My doctor had said back in February that my cholesterol was a little high. I didn’t worry much about it, because I was already exercising. I just figured my exercise hadn’t kicked in yet. I was right! Yesterday afternoon I went back and my cholesterol is down from 240 – 164. Everything is well in the good range. I am very pleased. Just another indicator (even if you don’t put much stock into cholesterol) that I am healthier.

I’m doing this. Holy crap, I really am getting healthy.

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