April Results

I’ll need to update with final measurements tonight. I know I’ve lost a little in size. We’ll see how much!

My April Goals were:

1. Continue with Boot Camp twice per week. DONE
2. Gym >= 3 times during the week
3. Drink >80 oz Water. DONE most of the time
4. Track everything I eat. DONE
5. Continue to make good choices. This is a lifestyle change. What I eat and how much I eat count. DONE most of the time

*6. Walk a 5k. DONE

I feel pretty good about my goals and meeting most of them. I pretty much completely failed going to the gym an additional 3 times per week. Most weeks it was 1-2 times on top of boot camp. So I’ve decided that I need weekly goals. Then I won’t feel so dejected if I slide for a day or two.

I’m down 29 pounds total. 8 pounds in April. I’ll take that.

How do I feel? I feel better than I have in a long time. I’m strong. I can feel my muscles. My hips and ribs hurt when I’m rolling around on the ground in boot camp. Dear Lord, I hope that gets better! Don’t worry, I’ve still got plenty of fat to go around, I can just feel these bones everywhere. It’s so weird. Hubs is having to adjust his standard snuggle position because of my hip bone. He’s also worried my hiney is going to leave this world. I don’t think he has much to worry about there. In all honesty, I’d like to see the rest of my weight come off my belly. Or least the majority of it.

I am strong. I can breath. I walked a 5k with absolutely no practice. My time wasn’t so great, but I wasn’t last.

Moving forward. There’s nothing to look back at.

April Results:
Weight -8 pounds (Total 27 pounds)

—Neck ” (Total -.8″)
—Upper Arm ” (Total -1.4″)
—Forearm ” (Total -.4″)
—Breast ” (Total -5.0″)
—Waist ” (Total -4.9″)
—Hips ” (Total -5.6″)
—Thigh ” (Total -2.9″)
—Calf (Total -.5″)

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