A case of the Mondays

I am exhausted from my weekend. My granny shows a marked decrease in her ability to walk and breath from last week. My time with her is tiring. Her anxiousness is so hard to watch. I wish she could tell me what she thought or felt. Alzheimer’s is a terrible, terrible disease. I wonder how much longer she’ll be able to get around. And how long, after that, it will take for the disease to kill her.

I did makei t to the gym this morning. I walked/jogged for 20 minutes. Yeah, not great. But considering I did make it to the gym, it’s pretty darn good. I seem to be at about a 16-7 minute mile. Not to great. However, if I can go faster on the street than I do on the treadmill, I’d be happy with my time. I do simply walking. I can’t manage more than 3mph on a treadmill. But when I walked that 5k, I did a bit better than that. Ha. I say a bit. Not really.

My daddy’s dog is sick. She’s got blood in her urine. He’s kinda needed to do something about her for a while, but it’s hard. And she’s not been suffering too much. But now this. We’re going to the vet this afternoon. I’m not looking forward to it. She’s his companion. She goes everywhere he goes when he’s out and about in our community. I’m preparing for the worst. We shall see what the vet says today.

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