Busy weekend & other ramblings

So, the first half of this weekend is going to be terribly busy. Girls afternoon out, then two cakes to cook tonight. Raiding Dragon Soul is late tonight. Tomorrow morning supervising free physicals, then a genealogy get-together and finally the VFW BBQ. Whew…all of that before Saturday afternoon. I’m stressing a little and super worried I won’t be able to enjoy my girls’ afternoon out!

At the end of last week my weight had hopped up a few pounds. At the end of this week, those few pounds are gone plus four more. Our bodies are crazy things. That’s why I try soooo hard to not depend on weight and simply concentrate on how I feel and how my clothes fit. But our clothes can trick us at times as well.

The end of the month is looming and there’s at least one goal I did not complete. I’m considering moving to some weekly goals so far as the gym goes. I need something smaller that I can totally do.

But how can I make myself get up in the morning? I like working out. But I haven’t been able to go in the evenings due to coaching and boot camp. I’m not a morning person and it doesn’t matter what time I go to sleep, I don’t want to get up at 5am. Heck, I don’t want to get up until 7:30 – 8.

Enough rambling for now. Though I’m wondering if I should make hubs measure me tonight or wait until the official end of the month…..

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