Depends on what you’re lookin’ for!

I read an article today explaining how Khan Academy isn’t quite what we expect.  I think it depends on just what you do expect.

Is Khan Academy the end all be all?  Nope.  But it surely can be a great tool to use in a classroom, especially a flipped classroom.

Let’s face it.  Kids don’t all learn the same way, at the same rate.  If they did, our jobs would surely be tons easier.  Nope, some learn fast, some super slow.  What do you do with the kid that picks something up the first time she sees it?  Do you make her continue to practice over and over while the other 30 kids learn the process?  What about the kid who is always slow to pick up things.  Do we leave them behind?  According to Bush’s No Child Left Behind, all children will be above average!

Um….er…well…fact of life is that all children cannot be above average.  That kind of blows up the rule of averages.  Anyway, back to what to do with the child who struggles with a concept.  Why not offer a tool for students to work on independently?  Why not assign a video and lesson the day before you’re going to be teaching it?  Then, you can expand and build in class, instead of focusing only on teaching that one concept.

I think the naysayers miss the boat.  No, we shouldn’t use Khan Academy as the way we teach our students.  But we most certainly should use it as a teaching tool.

Expect a teaching tool, get a teaching tool.  I certainly hope no one is relying on Khan Academy as the only way to teach their students.

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