Color me impressed

I try to not put all of my eggs in one basket.  I try to not rely on one company to serve all of my needs.  But in all honesty, I simply cannot deny Google’s knack for delivering just what we need, and how we need it.  Continually, I am impressed with the ease in which folks can use their products.

Google Docs has a bit of room for improvement such as some sort of syncing with downloaded documents, but it’s easier (or at least looks easier) to use that the Office Skydrive.

But, today, Google impresses me in another way.  When they found that someone marketing their product broke they rules, Google did not try to make excuses.  They didn’t just sweep it under the rug or say, well we did not know about it, so we shouldn’t be penalized.

Instead, they went above and beyond the punishment, stating they should be held to a higher standard.  Now, why can’t so many other people admit something like that and accept the consequences?  Way to go, Google.

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