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A case of the Mondays

I am exhausted from my weekend. My granny shows a marked decrease in her ability to walk and breath from last week. My time with her is tiring. Her anxiousness is so hard to watch. I wish she could tell … Continue reading

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Busy weekend & other ramblings

So, the first half of this weekend is going to be terribly busy. Girls afternoon out, then two cakes to cook tonight. Raiding Dragon Soul is late tonight. Tomorrow morning supervising free physicals, then a genealogy get-together and finally the … Continue reading

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I’m crazy ‘n I know it!

I signed up for another 5k.  This one is in two weeks.  I want to be able to run a big part of it.  The problem?  I can’t make myself practice. I’m not stupid.  I realize I can’t run for … Continue reading

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Inane Rambling

So I found out I definitely didn’t win the biggest loser competition. We still don’t’ know results, but someone lost 31 pounds in that 9 weeks. Holy cow! Hubs wondered if in 6 months, it would still be off. I … Continue reading

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It’s Monday

The weekend raced by. Spent Friday and Saturday with my grandmother. She wasn’t feeling well, and she surely can’t tell us what’s wrong. By Saturday morning she was feeling better. Saturday night my dad and I had a fundraiser dinner. … Continue reading

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Just another Wednesday

It’s only Wednesday, yet it already feels like the longest week.  I think my brain and body are going into summer mode.  This is not a good thing.  Not good at all. How can I motivate students when I have … Continue reading

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I psyched him out!

So, the hubs came home today and I was trying to run & walk around the house. I told him I thought I could do this running thing. Provided that actual running wasn’t much harder than what I’d been doing … Continue reading

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