Ready for Week 2

This week will have it’s own challenges. On Thursday, I’m heading to the beach. You know what that means. I have to find a way to work out while I’m there. I miss a night of boot camp. And food. Oh. Food. My goals are to make good choices and to still try to track what I eat. A lot easier said than done.

Working out? Well, I’ll be taking my dumbbells and we’ll be walking. A lot. It’s going to be okay.

I’ve missed the gym. I’ve decided that with boot camp, I’ve got enough strength training going on, so I’ll be focusing solely on cardio as I head back this week.

No movement on the scales in the last two weeks. I’m not measuring either. I never can tell the difference in my clothes. So I’m just not seeing any results right now. Trying hard to focus on feeling better and being stronger. That I know. Ready to push.

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